ULTRA X – instruments you will find in almost all fields!

Raw material exploitation – production – processing – storage – trade – research – recycling – monitoring

Moisture tester Type UX 3011

food industry (coffee, cocoa, flour, powder, paste, liquids)

chemical industry (powder, granules, fertilizer, dye, adhesives)

pharmaceutical industry (creams, powder, paste)

agriculture (cereals, grain, fruits, feeding stuff)

wood industry (chipboards, glue, dye)

dairy (cheese, yoghurt, butter,milk, milk powder, caseine)

Moisture tester Type UX 3011Q

building material (stones, sand, cement, samples of soil, clay, ceramics)

Moisture tester Type UX 3011HQ

sewage plants/purification plants (sewage sludge)

Moisture tester Typ UX 3031

plaster/ gypsum industry flue-gas desulphurization

Moisture tester Typ UX 3081

as type 3011, but specialy suitable for paper, building material

tobacco agriculture (seed, grass, leaves, hay)

Incinerator Typ UX 052

chemical industry, special glass manufacturing, foundry,

sewage plant/purification plants (sewage sludge)

PC-Software Ultra X DataChannel

special Software in connection with all ULTRA X electronic moisture testers and PC´s (MS-Excel)