Moisture tester ULTRA X 3031

Rugged and accurate sampling for gypsum and materials with requirements of free and bound moisture. Suitable for laboratory and production application.

A micro processor controlled weight loss dehydration method of moisture analysis offers a truly accurate and efficient result.

This process uses infrared drying and continuous weight loss measurement.

The ULTRA X 3031 is equipped with an infrared (bright) heater and a quartz (dark) heater to dry out the moisture and the crystal moisture. All pre-selectable parameters are indicated on the clear LCD-display.

Beside the moisture 5 further data can be calculated, monitored and displayed (look technical data). The final value of a measurement can be evaluated in two different ways: either by an automatic and product depending stop drying function „KonstaStop“ or via timer.

Further highlights are: the pre-heating mode „Pre-Flash“ for very moist materials, sensitivity adjustment for the scale depending on the ambient conditions and continuous costs savings through reusable stainless steel bowls.

Standard interface V24/RS 232, additional special accessories such as integrated or separate printers, software for Microsoft Excel and many more are available.

Die Ausgabe aller Daten und Parameter einschließlich Datum und Uhrzeit erfolgt GLP-gerecht, auch über die Software ULTRA X DataChannel an den PC.

The main criteria for this development have been the following:

  • Easy handling
  • Practical orientated
  • Robust execution