Moisture tester ULTRA X 3011

Sturdy and precise for operating in field conditions and in the laboratory for almost all solid and liquid substances.

The principle is drying by means of infrared radiation with simultaneous weighing. Proven 100,000 times.

All parameters that can be pre-selected for the application-oriented operation can be displayed as a menu on an LCD. Apart from moisture and solids, you can choose from five measuring options displayed during the drying process.

The final value of a measurement can be determined through the product specific drying automatic „KonstaStop“, or through the timer. The measured value remains displayed until the next operation.

The reusable stainless steel pans, already proven in the ULTRA X units, keep running costs.

The ULTRA X 3011 is available alternatively with or without in-built printer. Furthermore, all data are put out through the standard V24/ RS232 interface for separate printers or PC’s or for printing the measuring curve.