Incinerator ULTRA X 052

Rapid incinerator for individual samples up to 600°C, a low-priced alternative to high-temperature furnaces, incinerates all materials and determines the ash content of organic substances.

Two adjustable heat settings:

Heat setting 1:
0-99 minutes, 0-99% thermal output

Heat setting 2:
0-99 minutes, 0-99% thermal output

After the time period for the first heat setting has elapsed, the appliance switches on the second heat setting automatically. After this time period has elapsed, there is an acoustic signal (which can be switched off) and the emitter turns off.


Foil press Aluminium foils with a diameter of 130 mm can be shaped with an edge of 23 mm and a diameter of 85/95 mm by using the Foil press. Foil press Art.-No. H100063

Aluminium foils (130 mm diameter) are available from our stock: Art.-No. H100017, 0,03 mm thick, 1000 pc