In 1925 the engineer August Gronert found his company and produces equipments for drying agricultural product. He owned a lot of international patents and his brand name was ULTRA X.

After the second world war in 1950 he established a new company in Western Germany and there he developed the first infrared moisture tester (pic 1). It was a combination of a very precise mechanical balance and an infrared drying lamp. This principle was so genious and also simple that up to now some ULTRAMAT devices (pic 2) of the 60 th are still in use.

All moisture balances in the world work after the principle of drying and weighing at the same time.

In 2001 ULTRA X stopped the production and some former employees found their new company a&p instruments.

The main products are produced further in our new location in Detmold, new devices are developed and the brand ULTRA X is still in use.

So a&p instruments offers all ULTRA X customers the full service for their instruments and is able to provide them with necessary spare parts for every ULTRA X device of at least the last 10 years.