About us

a&p instruments is a recently formed company emerging from ULTRA X Laborgeräte, a traditional family-run business.

Besides standard moisture analysers, a&p instruments’ main focus is the production and distribution of instruments for special applications.

Here, ULTRA X’s years of experience are put to good use.

In December 2002, the move to a new building and thus to modern, well-equipped facilities, enabled the company to take another step forward.

Our efficient organisational structure means that since 2004, we have been providing quick delivery times of less than a week, while maintaining our consistent high quality and prompt service.

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Contact person

Peter Ukena

Mr Ukena is owner of a&p instruments and is involved in both sales and customer service.

Since 1986, Mr Ukena has been the managing director of ULTRA X and is responsible for sales & marketing at the company.

He founded a&p instruments in 2001.

Annegret Ukena

Annegret Ukena is general manager of a&p instruments. She is also head of the technical purchasing and development departments.

Mrs Ukena is the granddaughter of the well-known inventor of the moisture analyser, August Gronert.